Monark Automotive grows in Lengenfeld after being awarded a big contract

Monark Automotive GmbH has landed a major contract. In the future Monark will refurbish used commercial vehicle engines. A large German commercial vehicle manufacturer invited tenders for reconditioning old engines, which Monark has been awarded the contract in summer 2017.

Monark Automotive plans to dismantle 4500 engines from five series each year, purify the reusable parts industrially and dispose of worn out parts.
The refurbished components will be returned to the manufacturer, who uses them to build replacement engines for the world market. The contract is perpetual; Monark expects to realize a sales volume of  tens of millions for the first 5 years. Three million euros will be invested in Wolfspfütz and around 40 new jobs will be created for the project.

New hires in sales, logistics and production have been running since January. Up to 20 employees are currently being recruited to start in August and September. The "classic handyman" and "people who want to tackle" are welcome, also automotive and industrial mechanics, technically interested and artisanal gifted trainees, as well as recognized asylum seekers.

For all other information, please refer to the job advertisement on the career page.

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