LED Working lamps


LED Working lamps

Effective light for safe and good working!

Whether for commercial, construction or agricultural vehicles - the right light is essential for the job to be done.

Monark Automotive offers the opportunity for optimal working conditions with a wide range of high-quality LED work lights with robust materials and high light output up to 3600 lumens. In addition, LEDs also offer a color temperature of up to 6,000 ° Kelvin, which ensures a daylight-like illumination.

12 - 36V, 9 LED's, 22W, 2160 Lumen

This worklight is your ideal helper when it comes to a flexible near-field illumination on the vehicle. With the practical handle, you have the headlamp quickly adjusted to your work area. The rocker switch on the housing for switching on and off enables immediate commissioning directly at the place of use. Thanks to its specially shaped lens for a very wide dispersion, this worklight is ideal for all work in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

Articel no.: 098 174 555   Details



7,4V, 15W, 5 LED's, 1200 Lumen

The flexible and power-independent worklight for everyday use. Thanks to the handle and strong magnetic base and equipped with a battery, it can be used without installation for mobile use. If the battery life of up to 8 hours at a time is not enough, this worklight can conveniently be charged at the socket or in the cigarette lighter (12/24 V) of your vehicle.

Articel no.: 098 174 012   Details 

12 - 36V, 9 LED's, 22 W, 2160 Lumen

The universal all-rounder among the worklights. With the combination of wide beam angle and medium distance illumination, it can be used almost anywhere where homogeneous illumination in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle reaches a medium distance.

Articel no.: 098 174 140   Details 

Equipped with the same rugged technology as the 098 174 140, this Spot floodlamps work lights up to 100 m wide, providing excellent illumination for locations further away from the vehicle.

Articel no.: 098 174 141   Details  

 10 - 30V, 6 Epistar High Intensity LED's, 18W, 1440 Lumen

Ideal for low-profile applications, this worklight provides excellent light output and good near-field illumination. It impresses with its long service life of more than 30.000 hours.

Articel no.: 098 174 241   Details 

10 - 30V, 6 Epistar High Intensity LED's, 18W, 1440 Lumen

This work light not only looks good with its modern design, but with its 6 Epistar High Intensity LEDs in this arrangement it ensures a very homogeneous near-field illumination that is scattered across the width. The daylight-like illumination due to the color temperature of 6,000 ° Kelvin also ensures efficient and safe work at night

Articel no.: 098 174 205   Details 


10 - 30V, 5 LED's, 9 W, 1200 Lumen

The perfect entry level to replace your old halogen worklight, with 5 Osram High Power LEDs at 1200 lumens and an energy consumption of only 9 watts, this worklight is extremely energy efficient and provides a strong illumination in the immediate near field.

Articel no.: 098 174 200   Details 

12 - 36V, 9 LED's, 18 W, 2160 Lumen

If the radius of action is greater, even more distant objects must be well lit. This is the requirement that this work light meets with the optimum combination of a wide illumination in the near field and a spot-like remote illumination. With the appropriate mounting angle, it is also approved as a reversing light.

Articel no.: 098 174 540   Details 


10 - 50V, 9 Osram High Power LED's, 15 W, 1300 Lumen

Specially designed for quick deployment, this headlamp is equipped with a strong, rubber coated magnet for quick installation. The worklight is also suitable for forklift trucks due to its voltage range. In addition, it has 9 Osram High Power LEDs with which in the near field everything is well lit.

Articel no.: 098 174 495   Details 


10 - 30V, 4 Epistar LED's, 12 W, 960 Lumen 

With its round design this work lamp stands out immediately. Its small, compact housing can be mounted in the smallest space and at any point, it provides with its 4 Epistar LED's for a fabulous even near-field illumination.

Articel no.: 098 174 085   Details 

10 - 48V, 4 CREE High Power LED's, 40 W, 3600 Lumen

If it really needs to be bright, this worklight illuminates your working place with 3600 lumens and turns night into day with its 4 CREE high-performance LEDs!
With a wide voltage range of 10-48V and a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 80 ° C as well as the mechanical load capacity of up to 15G, it is versatile and provides reliable service even under the toughest conditions.

Articel no.: 098 174 731   Details 

LED Working lamps

Monark is a partner of LED Autolamps

Beside of Monark’s existing work lamp program, Monark is distributor for lighting products from LED Autolamps – one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting products for heavy duty applications.

The range allows for 12/24V versatility, and all lamps are built to the highest
quality standards; with toughened lenses, highly durable housings and IP67
ingress protection, making them ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty and
commercial vehicles – safely and efficiently illuminating even the harshest of work environments.





Here you can download the current catalog in PDF format.


Innovative ideas develop our lighting portfolio continuously.

We are offering a huge variety of lamps for individual applications.

You will find front- and backlights, compartment lamps, marking and flashing lights, powerful headlights for working applications and warning lights for all common commercial vehicles. Our products stand for durability, modern technology such like LED, innovation and energy efficiency.






Here you can download the current catalog in PDF format.

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