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An engine can be powerful, economical or environmentally compatible. Without a high quality starter it won't release it's advantages - the vehicle just won't run. None of the electricity demanding consumers in the vehicle won't operate without a high quality alternator.

Monark offers a wide and deep portfolio of starters and alternators for the usage in passenger cars, commercial vehicles like trucks and buses as well as for construction or agricultural vehicles. Even stationary machines are covered. Available design sizes include DW, EV, HEF, JE and JF-type starters as well as KB, QB and MT starters.
The alternator program covers K1, K2, N1 and NC-types, NCB1 and NCB2 up to T1.

Rely on our competence. Starters and alternators by Monark - reliability in OEM quality.

The smart icons tell you at the first sight if we already have the fitting parts for your application!

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